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Larisa shows us some exposed chest. Fortunately the photographer kept us from having to see her naughty bits by keeping the photo above her young, firm breasts.

Look at all that exposed flesh! She's practically indecent here. However, the color of her hair indicates this photo might be a fake.

Here's a pic of "bad" Alex Mack. She sure is sexy. But wait; sexiness is indecent! Harlot alert!

In this picture, Larisa's navel is exposed. And she seems to be employing witchcraft! I will assume that she is using her power for good to conjure up some fabric to cover her navel with.

She's wet and showing a lot of skin. But bathing suits are acceptable. We'll let it slide... This time.

Oh, look at that gorgeous face, that hair, those eyes! But wait; is she wearing makeup? Is our little angel Larisa old enough for makeup yet? I'm not sure.

This is definite proof of Larisa's harlot side. We see a good four to five inches of exposed midriff (oh, but what a midriff). Plus, she seems to be wearing some kind of studded leather bracer; it might be indecent. I should check my guidebook.

This shot has our beautiful Larisa with a saucy yet intense look on her face. If you look at her left shoulder, you'll also see that the fabric of the dress she is wearing is see-through. Naughty naughty.

Here's a picture of Larisa and her girlfriend showing off their slim, girlish, oh-so-soft legs, as well as some precarious looking high heeled shoes. Indecent? You be the judge.

Check out the neckline on that dress. Is that appropriate for a young girl? Also note the lascivious way she is using her tongue.

Here Larisa is rubbing butts with another young beauty, Melissa Joan Hart. What mischief do they have planned for later?

Ah, now Larisa wraps her arm around her consort in blatant defiance of every rule of decency. Does her trespass know no bounds?

Two words: Bra strap.

This is a beautiful pic of Larisa looking almost Gothic. Uh oh. You don't think she's into that vampire stuff, do you?

She looks so happy here, radiant. But look at the neck of her shirt! Its exposing a dangerous amount of shoulder to the outside world.

With this many girls all in the same room, you know something indecent is bound to happen...

Wow. What a great picture. But wait! We see a bit of her undershirt here. This isn't right. Don't let your children see this one!

Another pic with a low neckline. However, she has the fake hair here, so we don't want to draw any conclusions.

And here she is, just about to rip her shirt off and expose herself to the world.

Note: This site is meant to be humorous. I have the utmost respect for Larisa Oleynik and her moral integrity.

Last Updated: 11/18/99
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