Name: Jaquobi
Race: Human
Age: 24
Sex: Male

History: As a child Jaquobi was the kid who couldn't shut his smart mouth even as he got the sense beat out of him by his elders. Growing up on the ranch, he was the example of every form of punishment administered. He has tried to leave many times as a young adult, but eventually turns up, beaten or cast out. Fortunately Doc has a soft spot for him and has extended an open invitation.

Jaquobi has a near pathological hatred for authority, and has only lasted on Doc's ranch because he was competent enough at his duties to avoid being told what to do. He as a strong affinity with animals, and cares more about them than most of the people he's encountered.

He is short and wiry, and quick to temper when remarks are made about his rather homely looks. A variety of burns and scars cover his body, the result from working outdoors and being on the losing end of countless fistfights. Jaquobi is usually seen smiling, but in the form of a sneer or laughing contempt.

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