Name: Garet
Race: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Male

History Sketch: Garet came to the ranch at age 8, when a passing group of Desert Rangers dropped him off, with little explanation. He, the little boy, watched them go without a word, and then went to sit in the bunkhouse. All attempts to get him to talk failed for the first week. When he did finally begin to speak, it was only in monosyllables, revealing little of himself.

He did what he was told and worked hard on the ranch, but made no friends, and rebuffed even Shiela's attempts to get him to open up. When he was 12 he went missing for two days, and was finally found collapsed out in the wilderness, clutching a pistol he had stolen from Doc Gibbon, and feverish from radscorpion poison. He was brought back to the ranch, and even after recovering offered no explanation for his actions. A savage fight with an older boy soon after caused Doc to consider sending him away, since he was becoming a disruption to the entire orphanage, but Shiela's persuasion, and the fact that Garet was a hard and valued worker, convinced Doc to keep him on. Shiela had a long talk with Garet, and there were no more outbursts or unruly behavior from him, but he became even more withdrawn.

Now at 19, he is one of the hardest-working and most valued hands on the ranch. The others respect his ability, but largely ignore him -- a situation Garet seems to have no interest in changing. Shiela seems to have a tacit understanding with him, and occasionally he will stop for a few abrupt words of conversation with her on the back porch, but there seems little that he cares about in the world. Some of the other ranch hands have noticed that he is often gone late at night on the weekends, and he has sometimes shown up the next day with a bruised temple or small cut on his cheek, but no one bothers him with questions about it, since it doesn't seem to affect his work.

He stands at about 5'11'', and is thin, wiry and quick. His features are long and angular, his hair is black and his eyes grey. He has a sharp eye and dexterous hands.

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