As time goes by I'll be adding more information. For now, I have the essentials you need to play in my campaign. Note: I've added the 1.1 version of the Manual and Character sheet. The differences are minor, though.



Fallout RPG Manual
I hope that everyone who wants to play will familiarize themselves with this manual. If you have played either of the Fallout games most of this information should be familiar to you. Once you've read this, check out the house rules below.

Fallout RPG Character Sheet

Vault Dweller's Survival Guide
This is part of the manual for the original Fallout computer game. It will help you get a feel for the flavor of the game, especially if you haven't played the computer version.

House Rules that Exapnd and Clarify the Rules Above

New Items (also available in Excel format)
These are some new items that I have created for the game. Most of these will be out of the price range for starting characters, and you may or may not see them in the campaign. I got these from Jagged Alliance 2.

Character Creation Tips
These are some tips that come from the creators of the original Fallout game, Tim Cain and Chris Taylor. They should be helpful to people not too familiar with the character creation system. However, my campaign will have less emphasis on combat than Fallout, so you may wish to avoid setting your character up to be all about combat. Charisma will be important, as will Science and Speech skills.

Perks Breakdown by Level (also available in Excel Format)
This is a listing of all the perks sorted by the minimum level needed to get them. It also includes other requirements. You may want to check out this list if you are planning on specializing your character to make sure that your abilities will allow you to get the perks you want in the future.

Commonly Used Tables (also available in Word format for easy printing)
You should probably print these out to have nearby when playing.


WebRPG Software

Skill Generator
This is a very simple program I wrote to help in generating your skills. When you run it you will be prompted to enter in your stats in a specific order. When you have entered the stats, your base skill values will be output in the order they are listed on the character sheet. This program does not take into account tag skills or other modifications like the Gifted trait. Those you will have to do for yourself. Note: I have uploaded a new version of this program that is friendlier and fixes a bug where the lockpick skill wasn't displayed.

Campaign Info

Background for My Campaign

Player Characters

Session Logs


Gonegold Forum Discussion on the Game

Fallout RPG Creator's Homepage

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