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As for background, the first adventure is going to begin in Doc's, a farm and Brahmin ranch. Doc's is run by James "Doc" Gibbon and his wife Shiela. They get workers for the ranch by acting as an orphanage. There are people of all ages at the ranch, some small children and some adults who have chosen to stay.


Doc's is about twenty miles away from the nearest city, Brownstone. Brownstone sends a trader twice a month to Doc's to trade city goods for meat and other foods.


No player races other than human will be allowed.  This campaign will be set around the time of Fallout 1, and this is well before the time when ghouls and mutant have any chance of walking among humans.


You can make your character have any kind of personality or skills you like. You don't get any skill points to allocate at the beginning, just the ability to tag skills which reflects natural aptitude more than intensive training. So if you want to tag Energy Weapons, that's fine. Just remember, you may not get a chance to use that skill anytime soon.


Your character’s background should involve a description of their personality, physical description, age, and sex. Your back-story can be as detailed or vague as you like, as long as it somehow incorporates how they came to be at the ranch. I'd prefer that most of the players have a history that indicates they grew up at the ranch, but one or two can be from outside if they prefer.


Each character begins the game with 1000 bottle caps (money).  You also have the essentials of living: basic clothing, a bag or backpack, and enough food for a week free of charge.  Feel free to equip your character with anything in the manual they can afford, but I must approve all purchases before the game begins.  Also remember that you must buy ammo for any weapons you purchase if you want to be able to use them.  For instance, you can afford a cattle prod at 600 caps, but not its small energy cell ammo at 2000 caps.


When you’ve completed your character as specified in the manual or if you have a question about how these or any of the official rules work, please drop me an email at